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Connecx Surgimecx Surgical Film

It is made from a clear low-glare material enabling clinicians to easily see surgical tools and the patient incision area. The polyurethane film allows skin to breathe, preventing moisture build-up under the drape.

As a result, surgical film adheres throughout long surgical operations to the surrounding skin and most importantly to the wound edge.


  • Transparent non-glare surface
  • Thin yet extremely strong
  • Conformable and elastic
  • Provides a sterile working field around the operation site
  • Holds drapes securely in place
  • Parts easily under scalpel and resists tearing

Technical Information:

Material : Polyurethane (PU) Film
Colour : Transparent
Standard : ISO 13485, CE, FDA
Sterility : Sterile
Storage : Cool and dry condition