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Connecx Incomecx, sofiLUXE Adult Diapers

Product Specification:

1. Soft & Comfortable
Non-woven fiber provides soft and comfortable Properties which enable fluid to pass through quickly and do not flow back, thus keep the skin dry and comfortable.

2. Standing Inner Leak Guards Are More Safer
Soft and fifitted leakage guards help stop leakage to minimize accidents, thus you can use it far more safely.

3. High Speed Channel
With the special-designed linking channels, running liquid spread fast all over the pad and to be absorbed speedily to make surface dry

4. Refastenable Tapes Are Easy To Use
Refastenable frontal tapes, good for multiple times of tape applications, easy to use.

5. Wetness Indicator
The colour fades as the diaper gets wet allows you to manage your daily changes with ease and grace.