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Connecx Infumecx Asafe Infusion Set

A sterile device designed to deliver fluid from an Intravenous (IV) container into patient’s venous system.


  • Air Free Safety
  • Precise Macro-drip
  • Kink-resistant
  • Rotating Luer Lock
  • Manual drip / flow regulator enable

Product Features:

  • Air Stop Filter
  • Rotating Luer Lock

Technical Information:


  1. Drip Chamber: Styrene Butadiene Block Copolymer (SBC)
  2. Tubing: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Size : 20 Drops | Dual Chamber

Tubing Length : 180cm

Colour : Clear

Sterility : Sterile

Standard : ISO 13485, CE0123

Storage : Cool and dry condition

Packaging: 100pack/ctn