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Oxymax Silver Alginate Dressing

Ideal for antimicrobial treatment for chronic infectious wounds and able to absorb exudate secretion to promote rapid re-epithelialization and granulation tissue formation.


  • Releases silver ions to inhibit bacteria growth
  • Low to Mild Exudate Absorption
  • Minimal pain upon dressing removal
  • Wide application & High Versatility
  • Can last to 5-7 Days

Technical Information:

  • Material : Silver-Nano Silver ; Alginate-Calcium Alginate
  • Sterility : Sterile
  • Standard : ISO13485, CE0123
  • Storage : Store in cool and dry condition

Available Size (WxL):

  • 10cm x 10cm (Packaging : 10 pcs/box, 20boxes/carton)