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Oxymecx, Q Heal, Fabric Roll

Non woven, Spunlaced, S-cutting 50gsm

Commonly used as dressing retention s castheter or tubing fixation, to gives a firm yet gentle grip on the skin.


  • Air permeable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Water repellent barrier
  • “S” cutting and grid design
  • Soft & Elastic
  • Flexible to cut into sizes

Technical Information:

Material : Spunlaced Non-woven fabric
Gridline : 1cm x 1cm
Sterility : Non-Sterile
Storage : Cool and dry condition

Available Sizes (WxL):

  • 5cm x 10m (Packaging : 1 roll/box; 100 boxes/carton)
  • 10cm x 10m (Packaging : 1 roll/box; 50 boxes/carton)