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Suction Canister

Transparent canister with wide scale allow for a clear view of suctioned liquid.


  • Reusable Serres canisters need replacement very rarely, as they are extremely durable
  • Certified as measuring devices with an accuracy of + / – 100ml.
  • Equipped with built-in brackets for mounting on walls, rail supports or trolleys.
  • Include reusable angle connectors for vacuum tubing.
  • The compact oval-shaped 1000ml canisters are ideal for tight places in ambulances, intensive care units and anaesthesia work stations.
  • Extremely resistant and virtually indestructible, Serres canisters can be autoclaved in 121C


Ordering Information:

Product name Packing size (pcs)
Suction Canister, 1000ml Transparent 45 pcs/box
Suction Canister, 2000ml Transparent 24 pcs/box
Suction Canister, 3000ml Transparent 16 pcs/box