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Tubular Elastic Net Bandage

Used as wound retention on body parts such fingers, toes, ankles, head, torso, legs and arms with good ventilation and unrestricted movement.


  • Ideal for patients with fragile skin or allergic to tape
  • Allows ventilation and wound inspection
  • Conforms to all body contours, allowing unrestricted movement
  • Different sizes for different body parts

Technical Information:

Material: Polyester and Natural Latex Rubber
Colour : White
Sterility : Non-Sterile
Storage : Store in cool and dry condition

Available Sizes (WxL):

  • 1.5cm x 20m (Packaging: 1 roll/box; 120 rolls/carton)
  • 2.5cm x 20m (Packaging: 1 roll/box; 84 rolls/carton)
  • 4.0cm x 20m (Packaging: 1 roll/box; 56 rolls/carton)
  • 10.0cm x 20m (Packaging: 1 roll/box; 24 rolls/carton)
  • 12.0cm x 20m (Packaging: 1 roll/box; 24 rolls/carton)